Company Profile

Founded in 2015, MAHIIKA Management Solutions has grown from modest beginnings to become a leader in the fields of web technologies,
software application development and graphic design.

Our work ethic is simple


We can only help you succeed if we understand your goals. And we can only understand your goals if we start with an open mind. Some consultants come to the table armed with preconceived notions of who you are and what your challenges are. Not us. We listen. We ask questions. Then we listen some more.

And then the wheels start turning..!



Regardless of who’s at your table, we come ready to work with everyone. Large programs often require a blend of internal and external resources, even some from competitive consultancies – and that’s ok. We play well with others..!


Listening and collaborating will get you far down the track, but to cross the finish line you need a partner who can deliver. We will go above and beyond to make you successful. It’s just that simple..!


What We are

MAHIIKA Management Solutions is a Software development company focusing on designing professional client server, standalone software and websites for businesses like yours. We are the name to trust when it comes to designing a web or software. Our software and web design services range from simple all the way to custom programming. We service all types of companies, from small start-up companies to multimillion dollar a year companies. We also have many clients nationwide that have picked us to be their software and web Design Company. The software and websites we design are unique and creative and each design is custom based off your needs. ..!


Our Story


Based of Texas, US, MAHIIKA is one of the fastest growing Software Services companies in the SME sector. We employ in excess 45 individuals who continue to share the same passion and belief in our organizational Crowd values that we present when we were first established. The organization has been harnessing the potential of internet and emerging technologies to service our global customers, helping them enhance the quality of their offerings and being competitive at the same time. A partnership with MAHIIKA dramatically increases quality while reducing timelines and operating costs, often by more than 60%.

Our Work Principles

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